Culture: Growing ‘Jungles’

Why are people talking negatively about carbon offsetting?

The term “carbon offsetting” is gradually giving way to “carbon contribution”. It is a matter of not letting companies believe they have a right to pollute on the pretext they are financing carbon sequestration projects. For Carbon contribution to be more than an attempt to green wash, it must be made after already having done what is necessary to reduce emissions. It is, in fact, to intervene on “residual” emissions – which cannot be avoided.

Jungle is on a constant mission to find ever more efficient processes and materials to reduce its carbon footprint. We use B Corp to hold ourselves accountable and we don’t see there being an end to this journey – certainly not for a decade or two. So, in the meantime we will pay to offset the carbon we are not currently capable of eliminating. We see this self-imposed tax as a way of incentivising our continued efforts to eliminate carbon and become as efficient as possible.


Our name, Jungle, was conceived from our founding Purpose, which is to “grow” lifelong relationships (clients, employees and the communities we work in) by doing good things for people and the planet.

For that reason, it felt really natural for us to support rewilding projects across Yorkshire, a place that is dear to many of our employees, as the place they were raised, studied or both.

Our partner Make it Wild wants to encourage a greater knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the natural world. They want people to share in the beauty of the wild spaces they are helping to create.

Sustainably Minded

We don’t accept that construction can’t be made sustainable. We challenge our industry to change by leading the way to a more sustainable model. As the first B-Corp affiliated and certified carbon neutral construction business, we have fine-tuned our operations to meet the expectations of the future and to support our client’s ambitions to prioritise sustainability in their builds.

Experts that listen

Every client has a different vision and a unique criteria for what constitutes a successful project. We work on a case-by-case basis, taking the time to understand the individual client’s values and goals, and tailoring our approach to suit. We ensure that our client feels heard and adapt our approach with the goal of making their life easier. We know that when we put people first and treat our community well, we can build loyal ,trusting, life-long relationships and deliver a highly valued personalised service.

Champions of talent

Our ability to deliver exceptional quality fit-out projects hinges on the strength of our relationships, not only with our employees, but withour collective of talented designers, suppliers and subcontractors from across the world. Once our extensive onboarding process has been passed, we see it as our job to champion their skills and craft at every opportunity .After all, it is the confidence we have in our collective that affords us to focus our attentions on the details, which is what really matters to our clients